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Matrix Web API - Listing (Dynamic Data) Reference

Access native Matrix listings and other data directly

The Matrix Web API now supports programmatic access to native Matrix listings and other data. This allows you to read native data from the Matrix database directly.

How is this different from Trestle's RESO Web API?

The Matrix Web API provides access to native data that varies between Matrix installations. The available tables and fields are defined by each site's metadata and will be different from one Matrix system to the next. Matrix customers can use the Matrix Web API to expose all of the unique data natively available in their system and are not limited to the RESO Data Dictionary format.

Available Data Types

Determined by each Matrix customer individually, the available data may include:

  • Native listing data
  • Listing media
  • Agent/member data
  • Office data
  • Open house information

Other resources that are unique to a particular Matrix installation may also be available. Matrix customers can choose to limit exposure of certain resources (tables, rows, etc.) depending on the application or user.

Data Access

The Matrix Web API uses the OData protocol with OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication to provide secure data access for a specific MLS member. Applications calling the Matrix Web API use the member's credentials in the OIDC authentication process to ensure access is appropriately limited according to the user's privileges in Matrix.

Applications may use Clareity Single Sign-On authorization or basic authentication using an individual login and password. All data access is read-only at this time.

Getting Started

The Matrix Web API uses Trestle by CoreLogic to manage user accounts, credentials, billing, and licensing. Anyone who wants to access the Matrix Web API must create a Trestle account at

Technology providers that already use Trestle can use their existing account to sign up for the Matrix Web API as well. Using Trestle provides numerous benefits, including centralized data feed management, online licensing and document management, and one-stop shopping for a broad range of additional data products.


CoreLogic charges technology providers a fee to access the Matrix Web API to cover the cost of ongoing API development, bandwidth, documentation, support, etc. Data license fees charged by the MLS may also apply. Visit for more information.