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Pricing Overview

Trestle strives to be a one stop shop for data access. In addition to simplifying the data streams, it simplifies the contracting and billing processes as well. With Trestle, Technology Providers and Brokers provide a credit card and Trestle bills those credit cards automatically each month. You only need to provide one credit card to one place and all of your access fees will be automatically charged.

Depending on your feeds, you will get billed from each MLO per your contract with them and from CoreLogic for your feed access fees. The tables below cover the fees for accessing data via Trestle.

Pricing for Brokers

Feed Type MLO Fees Trestle Fees
Broker data feeds (on- and off-market data for your offices) Depends on MLO $25/month
All other data feeds Depends on MLO $75/month

Pricing for Technology Providers

Feed Type MLO Fees Trestle Fees
All feed types Depends on MLO $85/month
RESO Standardized Depends on MLO $85/month

Direct Feeds

Trestle fees for Direct Feeds are charged monthly based on the number of contracts across Trestle and are priced accordingly.

TP Tier

Tier Min Contracts Max Contracts
Small - 50
Medium 51 100
Large 101 500
X-Large 501 100000

Trestle Tier Fee

Feeds S M L XL
Direct - Static $125 $160 $200 $250
Direct - Dynamic $125 $160 $200 $250