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Enumerations D-F


Name Value Description
Clear Clear
Completed Completed The development of the land is complete.
Finished Lot(s) FinishedLots The development of the land is finished.
Infrastructure In InfrastructureIn
New Construction NewConstruction
Other Other The development status of the land is something other than those options in this list.
Proposed Proposed The development of the land is in the proposal phase.
Raw Land RawLand The land is raw and undeveloped.
Remodeled/Upgraded RemodeledUpgraded
Resale/Previously Owned ResalePreviouslyOwned
Rough Grade RoughGrade The development of the last is in the rough grade phase.
See Remarks SeeRemarks See the Public or Private remarks for details on the development status of the land.
Site Plan Approved SitePlanApproved The site plan has been approved for the development.
Site Plan Filed SitePlanFiled The site plan has been filed for the development.
Streets Installed StreetsInstalled
Subdivided Subdivided
Under Construction UnderConstruction There is construction in progress at the development.
Unknown Unknown
Zoned Zoned


Name Value Description
East East The front of the structure faces east.
North North The front of the structure faces north.
Northeast Northeast The front of the structure faces northeast.
Northwest Northwest The front of the structure faces northwest.
South South The front of the structure faces south.
Southeast Southeast The front of the structure faces southeast.
Southwest Southwest The front of the structure faces southwest.
Unknown Unknown
West West The front of the structure faces west.


Name Value Description
1031 Exchange Item1031Exchange
3rd Party Rights Item3rdPartyRights
Accessory Dwelling Unit AccessoryDwellingUnit
Agricultural Exemption AgriculturalExemption
Asbestos Disclosure AsbestosDisclosure
Beach Rights BeachRights
Buried Fuel Tanks BuriedFuelTanks
Call Agent CallAgent
Cautions Call Agent CautionsCallAgent
City Inspection Required CityInspectionRequired
Coastal Commission Restrictions CoastalCommissionRestrictions
Coastal Zone CoastalZone
Code Compliance Required CodeComplianceRequired
Conditional Use Permit ConditionalUsePermit
Court Confirmation CourtConfirmation
Covenants/Restrictions Disclosure CovenantsRestrictionsDisclosure
Death On Property < 3 yrs DeathOnProperty3yrs
Deed Restriction DeedRestriction
Disclaimer Disclaimer
Disclosure on File DisclosureonFile
Earthquake Insurance Available EarthquakeInsuranceAvailable
Easement(s) Easements
Encroachment Encroachment
Established Rental History EstablishedRentalHistory
Exclusions Disclosure ExclusionsDisclosure
Exempt - Disclosure/Disclaimer ExemptDisclosureDisclaimer
Exempt Disclaimer ExemptDisclaimer
Familial Relation FamilialRelation
Fault Zone FaultZone
Flood Insurance Required FloodInsuranceRequired
Flood Plain Disclosure FloodPlainDisclosure
Foreign Seller ForeignSeller
HOA Disclosure HOADisclosure
Historical Historical
Home Warranty HomeWarranty
Incorporated Incorporated
Lead Based Paint Disclosure LeadBasedPaintDisclosure
Lender Approval Required LenderApprovalRequired
Licensed Vacation Rental LicensedVacationRental
Listing Broker Advantage ListingBrokerAdvantage
Manufactured Homes Allowed ManufacturedHomesAllowed
Methane Gas MethaneGas
Moratorium Moratorium
Municipal Utility District Disclosure MunicipalUtilityDistrictDisclosure
Natural Hazard NaturalHazard
No Lake Rights NoLakeRights
No Smoking NoSmoking
None None
Occupancy Permit Required OccupancyPermitRequired
Oil Rights OilRights
Open Space Restrictions OpenSpaceRestrictions
Other Other
Owner Is Listing Agent OwnerIsListingAgent
Pet Restrictions PetRestrictions
Pet on Property PetonProperty
Planned Unit Development PlannedUnitDevelopment
Potential Short Sale PotentialShortSale
Principal is Real Estate Licensed PrincipalisRealEstateLicensed
Private Transfer Taxes PrivateTransferTaxes
Prospects Reserved ProspectsReserved
RANM 2100 Disclosure RANM2100Disclosure
Radon Radon
Relocation Addendum Required RelocationAddendumRequired
Rent Control RentControl
Renters Insurance Required RentersInsuranceRequired
Residential Service Contract ResidentialServiceContract
Restricted Restricted
Restricted Property Access RestrictedPropertyAccess
Section 8 Approved Section8Approved
See Remarks SeeRemarks
See Supplements SeeSupplements
Seismic Hazard SeismicHazard
Seller Disclosure SellerDisclosure
Seller Will Pay Sec. 1 Termite SellerWillPaySec1Termite
Sellers Disclosure Not Available SellersDisclosureNotAvailable
Senior Tax Exemption SeniorTaxExemption
Septic Disclosure SepticDisclosure
Slide Zone SlideZone
Special Addendum SpecialAddendum
Special Assessment SpecialAssessment
Special Study Area SpecialStudyArea
Subject To Estate Ruling SubjectToEstateRuling
Tenants In Common - DRE Pink TenantsInCommonDREPink
Tenants In Common - DRE White TenantsInCommonDREWhite
Trust/Conservatorship TrustConservatorship
Underground Storage Tank UndergroundStorageTank
Unincorporated Unincorporated
Unknown Unknown
Water Rights WaterRights
Well Log Available WellLogAvailable


Name Value Description
Abstract Abstract
Accessibility Features Form AccessibilityFeaturesForm
Aerial Aerial
Appraisal Appraisal
Building Plans BuildingPlans
Building Restrictions BuildingRestrictions
Cost Estimates CostEstimates
Customer List CustomerList
Deed Deed
Deed Restriction DeedRestriction
Demographics Demographics
Disclosure(s) Disclosures
Easements Easements
Elevation Certificate ElevationCertificate
Energy Energy
Engineering Report EngineeringReport
Environmental Study EnvironmentalStudy
Feasibility Study FeasibilityStudy
Financials Financials
Floorplan Floorplan
Ground Photo GroundPhoto
HOA Documents HOADocuments
Historical Historical
Home Inspection Report HomeInspectionReport
Hydrology Report HydrologyReport
Inventory Inventory
Lead Based Paint Disclosure LeadBasedPaintDisclosure
Lease Lease
Legal Description LegalDescription
Legal Documents LegalDocuments
License(s) Licenses
Location Map LocationMap
Marketing/Brochure MarketingBrochure
None None
Not Applicable NotApplicable
Oak Wilt Test OakWiltTest
Other Other
Perc Report PercReport
Permits Permits
Pest Control Report PestControlReport
Plat Plat
Preliminary Title Report PreliminaryTitleReport
Profit/Loss Statement ProfitLossStatement
Radon Test RadonTest
Real Estate Condition Report RealEstateConditionReport
Rent Rolls RentRolls
Restrictive Covenants RestrictiveCovenants
Road Maintenance Agreement RoadMaintenanceAgreement
Roof Inspection RoofInspection
Security Codes SecurityCodes
See Remarks SeeRemarks
Seller's Property Disclosure SellersPropertyDisclosure
Septic Certification SepticCertification
Septic Inspection SepticInspection
Sewer Map SewerMap
Shared Well Agreement SharedWellAgreement
Site Plan SitePlan
Soil Test SoilTest
Special Assessment District SpecialAssessmentDistrict
Subdivision Plan SubdivisionPlan
Survey Survey
Tax Information TaxInformation
Title Title
Topo Map TopoMap
Traffic Counts TrafficCounts
Unit Mix Schedule UnitMixSchedule
Warranties Warranties
Water/Well Report WaterWellReport
Well Inspection Report WellInspectionReport
Well Log Available WellLogAvailable


Name Value Description
6 Panel Door(s) Item6PanelDoors
Atrium Doors AtriumDoors
Door Hardware DoorHardware
Double Door Entry DoubleDoorEntry
ENERGY STAR Qualified Doors ENERGYSTARQualifiedDoors The property has ENERGY STAR qualified door(s).
French Doors FrenchDoors The property has doors with glass panes throughout the length of the door.
Insulated Doors InsulatedDoors
Mirrored Closet Door(s) MirroredClosetDoors The property has one or more closet doors that have a mirrored surface.
Other Other
Panel Doors PanelDoors
Pocket Doors PocketDoors
Screen Door(s) ScreenDoors
Service Entrance ServiceEntrance
Sliding Doors SlidingDoors The property has sliding doors.
Storm Door(s) StormDoors The property has one or more storm doors.


Name Value Description
100 Amp Service Item100AmpService The electrical features of the property include 100 amp service.
110 Volts Item110Volts
150 Amp Service Item150AmpService The electrical features of the property include 150 amp service.
200+ Amp Service Item200AmpService The electrical features of the property include 200+ amp service.
220 Volts Item220Volts The electrical features of the property include 220 volts.
220 Volts For Spa Item220VoltsForSpa The electrical features of the property include 220 volts for spa.
220 Volts Other Item220VoltsOther
220 Volts in Garage Item220VoltsinGarage The electrical features of the property include 220 volts in garage.
220 Volts in Kitchen Item220VoltsinKitchen The electrical features of the property include 220 volts in kitchen.
220 Volts in Laundry Item220VoltsinLaundry The electrical features of the property include 220 volts in laundry.
220 Volts in Workshop Item220VoltsinWorkshop The electrical features of the property include 220 volts in workshop.
240 Volts Item240Volts
3 Phase Item3Phase
440 Volts Item440Volts The electrical features of the property include 440 volts.
Circuit Breakers CircuitBreakers The electrical features of the property include circuit breakers.
Electricity - On Bond ElectricityOnBond
Electricity - On Property ElectricityOnProperty
Energy Storage Device EnergyStorageDevice Device(s) that capture energy at one time to be used at a later time. Most commonly these refer to single or groups of stand-alone batteries, such as could be used as back-up power, but it also might include flywheels or other devices to store power.
Fuses Fuses The electrical features of the property include fuses.
Generator Generator The electrical features of the property include generator.
Generator Hookup GeneratorHookup
Heavy Heavy
Net Meter NetMeter Net metering is an electric service that allows electricity generated on a consumer’s site (“on-site”) to offset that consumer’s use. This generation can include (generally small) renewable energy facilities (such as wind, solar power, fuel cells or hydro). Net meters might also be used with energy storage devices such as batteries (stand alone or for electric vehicles). Net meters can “spin backwards” such that at the end of the billing period, the consumer only pays for its use, less what it produced (i.e., the “net”).
None None
Other Other
Photovoltaics None PhotovoltaicsNone
Photovoltaics Seller Owned PhotovoltaicsSellerOwned The electrical features of the property include a solar photovoltaic system that is owned by the seller.
Photovoltaics Stand-Alone PhotovoltaicsStandAlone
Photovoltaics Third-Party Owned PhotovoltaicsThirdPartyOwned The electrical features of the property include a solar photovoltaic system owned by a third party. This is typically a lease but may be some other arrangement where the property owner does not own the photovoltaic system.
Photovoltaics on Grid PhotovoltaicsonGrid
Pre-Wired for Renewables PreWiredforRenewables Indicates the electric infrastructure on the property has been extended to more easily incorporate an on-site electric generation facility in the future. This would often include, for example, installing conduit and wire from the generation facility to the electric panel, designating circuits on the panel for that generation, and/or leaving room near the panel for future components, such as an inverter.
Ready for Renewables ReadyforRenewables Indicates a comprehensive infrastructure is in place on the property to more easily incorporate an on-site electric generation facility in the future. Can be confirmed via supporting documentation such as a checklist provided by the DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes program. Solar-PV ready, for example, would often include extensive efficiency measures such as insulation and appliances, architectural drawings that design for a clear roof space, installing conduit from the attic to the electric panel, dedicated circuits on the electric panel, and leaving room near the panel for future components of a solar electric system, such as an inverter. Local requirements may vary. (source: DOE Zero Energy Ready Home )
See Remarks SeeRemarks
Single Phase SinglePhase
Standard Standard
Underground Underground The electrical features of the property include underground.
Unknown Unknown
Wind Turbine Seller Owned WindTurbineSellerOwned A wind turbine is provided on the property to generate electricity. Seller owned turbines are typically considered real property and can be transferred with the property.
Wind Turbine Third-Party Owned WindTurbineThirdPartyOwned A wind turbine is provided on the property to generate electricity. The homeowner enters a lease agreement with the owner of the wind turbine(s). Third-Party Owned turbines indicate a lease or a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) exists. The lease/PPA can often be transferred but the financing company has to agree. See CurrentFinancing field for important further definition of these models.


Name Value Description
Absolute Net AbsoluteNet Also known as a Bondable Lease, the tenant carries every risk in addition to the costs of a NNN Lease.
Base & Percentage BasePercentage
CPI Adjustment CPIAdjustment An escalation clause/provision in a lease to adjust the amount paid by the tenant (lessee) where the adjustment will follow the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
Deposit Required DepositRequired
Escalation Clause EscalationClause A clause or provision in a lease document that set a formula for how rent will increase over time.
Fixed Fixed
Full Service FullService
Gross Gross A lease agreement where the owner (lessor) pays all property changes normal to ownership. The opposite to net leases where the tenant (lessee) may pay taxes, insurance, maintenance and even for damages that were not caused by the tenant.
Ground Lease GroundLease Typically a long term lease of land where the tenant (lessee) has the right to develop or make improvements.
Industrial Gross IndustrialGross
Modified Modified
Modified Gross ModifiedGross
NN NN A lease agreement where the tenant pays real estate taxes and building insurance.
NNN NNN A lease agreement where the tenant pays real estate taxes, building insurance and maintenance.
Net Net A lease agreement where the tenant pays the real estate taxes.
None None
Not for Lease NotforLease
Oral Oral The terms of the lease are agreed orally (not in writing) between the lessee and lessor. Legal restrictions around oral agreements vary from state to state.
Other Other
Percentage Percentage
See Agent SeeAgent
See Remarks SeeRemarks
Sublease Sublease


Name Value Description
Arbor Arbor
Awning(s) Awnings The property has one or more awnings on it's exterior.
Balcony Balcony The property has an exterior balcony.
Barbecue Barbecue The property has an outdoors barbeque.
Basketball Court BasketballCourt The property has a basketball court.
Blacktop Driveway BlacktopDriveway
Boat Lift BoatLift
Boat Lock BoatLock
Boat Ramp BoatRamp
Boat Slip BoatSlip The property includes a boat slip.
Breezeway Breezeway
Brick Driveway BrickDriveway
Built-in Barbecue BuiltinBarbecue The property has a built-in outdoor barbeque.
Burglar Bar BurglarBar
Chimney Cap(s) ChimneyCaps
Circular Driveway CircularDriveway
Columns Columns
Concrete Driveway ConcreteDriveway
Corner Lot CornerLot
Courtyard Courtyard The property has a courtyard.
Covered Courtyard CoveredCourtyard The property has a covered courtyard.
Covered Patio CoveredPatio
Curb Curb
Deck Deck
Dirt Driveway DirtDriveway
Dock Dock The property includes a dock.
Dog Run DogRun The property has a dog run.
Electric Grill ElectricGrill The property has an outdoor electric grill.
Elevator Elevator
Enclosed Porch EnclosedPorch
Exterior Steps ExteriorSteps
Fence Fence
Fire Pit FirePit The property has an outdoor fire pit.
French Patio Doors FrenchPatioDoors
Fruit Trees FruitTrees
Fully Fenced FullyFenced
Garden Garden The property has a garden.
Gas Grill GasGrill The property has an outdoor gas grill.
Golf Course Access GolfCourseAccess
Gravel Driveway GravelDriveway
Gray Water System GrayWaterSystem The property has a grey water system.
Greenhouse Greenhouse
Handicap Accessible HandicapAccessible
Heated Driveway HeatedDriveway
Heated Walkway HeatedWalkway
Horse Facilities HorseFacilities
Hot Tub/Spa HotTubSpa
In-Wall Pest Control System InWallPestControlSystem
Juliet Balcony JulietBalcony
Kennel Kennel The property has a kennel.
Koi Pond KoiPond
Landscape Lights LandscapeLights
Landscaping Landscaping
Lighting Lighting The property has exterior lighting.
Mature Trees/Landscape MatureTreesLandscape
Misting System MistingSystem The property has a misting system.
No Exterior Steps NoExteriorSteps
None None The property has no exterior features.
Other Other The property has exterior features other than those in this list.
Out Building(s) OutBuildings
Outdoor Grill OutdoorGrill The property has an outdoor grill.
Outdoor Kitchen OutdoorKitchen The property has an outdoor kitchen.
Outdoor Living Area OutdoorLivingArea
Outdoor Shower OutdoorShower The property has an outdoor shower.
Patio Patio
Paved Driveway PavedDriveway
Permeable Paving PermeablePaving The property has preamble paving that allows fluids to run through the paving to the below ground or channeling.
Play Structure PlayStructure
Playground Playground The property has a playground.
Pool Pool
Porch Porch
Privacy Wall PrivacyWall
Private Entrance PrivateEntrance The property has a private entrance.
Private Yard PrivateYard The property has a private yard.
Propane Tank - Leased PropaneTankLeased
Propane Tank - Owned PropaneTankOwned
RV Hookup RVHookup The property has hookups for recreational vehicles.
RV Parking/RV Hookup RVParkingRVHookup
Rain Barrel/Cistern(s) RainBarrelCisterns The property has a cistern for water collection.
Rain Gutters RainGutters The structure has ran gutters.
Room For Pool RoomForPool
Satellite Dish SatelliteDish
Security Lighting SecurityLighting
Security/High Impact Doors SecurityHighImpactDoors
See Remarks SeeRemarks
Shed Shed
Shutters Electric ShuttersElectric
Shutters Manual ShuttersManual
Side Entry Access SideEntryAccess
Skirting Skirting
Sliding Glass Patio Doors SlidingGlassPatioDoors
Sound System SoundSystem
Sport Court SportCourt
Sprinkler/Irrigation SprinklerIrrigation
Stamped Concrete Driveway StampedConcreteDriveway
Stone Wall StoneWall
Storage Storage The property has external storage.
Storm Shelter StormShelter
Storm Windows/Doors StormWindowsDoors
Storm/Security Shutters StormSecurityShutters
Street Lamp StreetLamp
TV Antenna TVAntenna
Tar and Gravel Driveway TarandGravelDriveway
Tennis Court(s) TennisCourts The property has one or more tennis courts.
Uncovered Courtyard UncoveredCourtyard The property has an uncovered courtyard.
Underground Utilities UndergroundUtilities
Unpaved Driveway UnpavedDriveway
Water Feature WaterFeature
Workshop Workshop


Name Value Description
Annually Annually Fee is paid or received once a year.
Bi-Monthly BiMonthly Fee is paid or received every other month.
Bi-Weekly BiWeekly Fee is paid or received every other week.
Daily Daily Fee is paid or received daily.
Full Term FullTerm
Monthly Monthly Fee is paid or received once a month.
Not Applicable NotApplicable
One Time OneTime Fee is paid or received once and is not reoccurring.
Other Other
Quarterly Quarterly Fee is paid or received every three months.
Seasonal Seasonal Fee is paid or received seasonally.
See Agent SeeAgent
See Remarks SeeRemarks
Semi-Annually SemiAnnually Fee is paid or received twice a year.
Semi-Monthly SemiMonthly Fee is paid or received twice a month, generally on the 1st and 15th, but that may vary.
Weekly Weekly Fee is paid or received weekly.


Name Value Description
Automatic Gate AutomaticGate
Average Condition AverageCondition
Back Yard BackYard The back yard is fenced.
Barbed Wire BarbedWire The fencing has barbed wire.
Block Block The property has a block wall(s).
Brick Brick The property has a brick wall(s).
Chain Link ChainLink The property has chain link fencing.
Cross Fenced CrossFenced The property is cross fenced.
Decorative Decorative
Dog Run DogRun
Electric Electric The property has electric fencing.
Excellent Condition ExcellentCondition
Fair Condition FairCondition
Fenced Fenced The property is fenced.
Front Yard FrontYard The front yard is fenced.
Full Full The full property is fenced.
Game Fence GameFence
Gate Gate The fencing has a gate(s).
Glass Glass
Goat Type GoatType
Good Condition GoodCondition
Grapestake Grapestake
High Fence HighFence
Invisible Invisible The property has invisible fencing.
Livestock Livestock
Log Fence LogFence
Masonry Masonry The property has masonry wall(s).
Metal Metal
Mixed Mixed
Needs Repair NeedsRepair
New Condition NewCondition
None None The property has no fencing.
Other Other The property has a type of fencing that is not included in this list.
Partial Partial The property is partially fenced.
Partial Cross PartialCross The property has partial cross fencing.
Pasture Pasture
Perimeter Perimeter The property has a perimeter fence.
Pet Fence PetFence
Picket Picket
Pipe Pipe The property has pipe fencing.
Privacy Privacy The property has privacy fencing.
Ranch Fence RanchFence
Security Security The property has security fencing.
See Remarks SeeRemarks See the Public or Private remarks for details on the fencing.
Slump Stone SlumpStone The property has slump stone wall(s).
Split Rail SplitRail The property has split rail fencing.
Stone Stone The property has stone wall(s).
Stucco Wall StuccoWall
Vinyl Vinyl The property has vinyl fencing.
Wall Wall
Wire Wire The property has wire fencing.
Wood Wood The property has wooden fencing.
Wrought Iron WroughtIron The property has wrought iron fencing.
Yard Fenced YardFenced


Name Value Description
Accountant Accountant The financial data in the listing was provided by an accountant.
Other Other
Owner Owner the financial data in the listing was provided by the owner.
Property Manager PropertyManager the financial data in the listing was provided by the property manager.
See Remarks SeeRemarks


Name Value Description
Basement Basement There is a fireplace in the basement.
Bath Bath The property includes a bathroom fireplace.
Bedroom Bedroom The property has a bedroom fireplace.
Blower Fan BlowerFan The fireplace has a blower fan.
Bonus Room BonusRoom
Ceramic Ceramic
Circulating Circulating The fireplace has a circulation system.
Coal Coal
Custom Custom
Decorative Decorative The property has a decorative fireplace.
Den Den The property has a fireplace in the den.
Dining Room DiningRoom The property has a fireplace in the dining room.
Double Sided DoubleSided The property has a double sided fireplace. Double sided fireplaces often have openings in adjacent rooms.
EPA Certified Wood Stove EPACertifiedWoodStove The property has an EPA certified wood stove.
EPA Qualified Fireplace EPAQualifiedFireplace The property has an EPA certified fireplace.
Electric Electric The fireplace is electric.
Factory Built FactoryBuilt The fireplace is factory built and later installed into the property.
Family Room FamilyRoom There is a fireplace in the family room.
Family/Living/Great Room FamilyLivingGreatRoom
Fire Pit FirePit The property has a fire pit.
Fireplace Equipment FireplaceEquipment
Fireplace Screen FireplaceScreen
Free Standing FreeStanding The fireplace is free standing, rather than built-in.
Gas Gas The fireplace burns gas.
Gas Log GasLog The gas fireplace has a gas log.
Gas Starter GasStarter The fireplace has a gas started, but also burns wood or other fuels.
Glass Doors GlassDoors The fireplace has glass doors.
Grate Grate
Great Room GreatRoom There is a fireplace in the great room.
Guest Accommodations GuestAccommodations
Hearth Room HearthRoom
Heatilator Heatilator The fireplace has a built in ventilation system used to circulate heat.
Insert Insert A fireplace insert is a device inserted into an existing masonry or prefabricated fireplace. Inserts are used for their aesthetic, insulating, circulating or other features.
Keeping Room KeepingRoom
Kitchen Kitchen The property has a fireplace in the kitchen.
Kiva Kiva
Library Library The property has a fireplace in the library.
Living Room LivingRoom The property has a fireplace in the living room.
Log Burning LogBurning
Log Lighter LogLighter
Lower Level LowerLevel
Main Level MainLevel
Marble Marble
Masonry Masonry The fireplace is made of masonry.
Master Bedroom MasterBedroom The property has a fireplace in the master bedroom.
Metal Metal The fireplace is make of metal.
Multi-Sided MultiSided
Multiple Multiple
None None The property has no fireplace.
One One
Option Option
Other Other The fireplace has features that are not included in this list.
Outside Outside The property has an outdoor fireplace.
Pellet Stove PelletStove The property has a stove that burns compressed wood or biomass pellets to generate heat.
Primary Bedroom PrimaryBedroom
Propane Propane The fireplace burns propane.
Raised Hearth RaisedHearth The fireplace has a raised hearth.
Recreation Room RecreationRoom The property has a fireplace in the recreation room.
Sealed Combustion SealedCombustion The fireplace has sealed combustion chamber.
See Remarks SeeRemarks See the remarks fields for additional information about the fireplace(s).
See Through SeeThrough The property has a see-through fireplace, usually positioned between two rooms.
Stone Stone The property has a fireplace made with stone.
Stove Stove
Three Three
Two Two
Upper Level UpperLevel
Vented Vented
Ventless Ventless The property has a ventless fireplace.
Wood Burning WoodBurning The fireplace is wood burning.
Wood Burning Stove WoodBurningStove The property includes a wood burning stove.
Zero Clearance ZeroClearance The property has a zero clearance fireplace. Zero clearance fireplaces are built to be placed almost directly against combustible materials like wood, walls, or paneling.


Name Value Description
Adobe Adobe The property includes adobe flooring.
Asphalt Asphalt
Bamboo Bamboo The property includes bamboo flooring.
Brick Brick The property includes brick flooring.
CRI Green Label Plus Certified Carpet CRIGreenLabelPlusCertifiedCarpet The property includes CRI Green Label Plus certified carpet flooring.
Carpet Carpet The property includes carpet flooring.
Ceramic Tile CeramicTile The property includes ceramic tile flooring.
Clay Clay The property includes clay flooring.
Combination Combination The property includes combination flooring.
Concrete Concrete The property includes concrete flooring.
Cork Cork The property includes cork flooring.
Dirt Dirt The property has dirt flooring.
Engineered Hardwood EngineeredHardwood
Epoxy Epoxy
FSC or SFI Certified Source Hardwood FSCorSFICertifiedSourceHardwood The property includes FSC or SFI certified source hardwood flooring.
Flagstone Flagstone
FloorScore(r) Certified Flooring FloorScorerCertifiedFlooring The property includes FloorScore(r) certified flooring .
Granite Granite The property includes granite flooring.
Hardwood Hardwood The property includes hardwood flooring.
Laminate Laminate The property includes laminate flooring.
Linoleum Linoleum The property includes linoleum flooring.
Luxury Vinyl Plank New LuxuryVinylPlank
Luxury Vinyl Tile New LuxuryVinylTile
Marble Marble The property includes marble flooring.
Metal Metal
Mixed Mixed
None None The property has no flooring.
Other Other The property includes flooring that is not included in this list.
Painted/Stained PaintedStained The property includes painted or stained flooring.
Parquet Parquet The property includes parquet flooring.
Partially Carpeted PartiallyCarpeted
Pavers Pavers The property includes flooring pavers.
Plank Plank
Plywood Plywood
Plywood/Composite PlywoodComposite
Quartz Quartz
Reclaimed Wood ReclaimedWood The property includes reclaimed wood flooring.
Resilient Resilient
See Remarks SeeRemarks See the remarks field for additional information about the flooring included with the property.
Simulated Wood SimulatedWood The property includes simulated wood flooring.
Slate Slate The property includes slate flooring.
Softwood Softwood The property includes softwood flooring.
Stamped Stamped The property includes stamped flooring.
Stone Stone The property includes stone flooring.
Sustainable Sustainable The property includes sustainable flooring.
Terrazzo Terrazzo The property includes terrazzo flooring.
Tile Tile The property includes tile flooring.
Travertine Travertine
Unfinished Unfinished
Unknown Unknown
Varies Varies The property flooring type varies.
Vinyl Vinyl The property includes vinyl flooring.
Wood Wood The property includes wood flooring.
Wood Veneer WoodVeneer


Name Value Description
Basement Basement
Block Block The foundation of the property is made wholly or partially of block.
Brick/Mortar BrickMortar The foundation of the property is made wholly or partially of brick/mortar.
Cellar Cellar
Combination Combination The foundation of the property is made of a combination of materials.
Concrete Perimeter ConcretePerimeter The foundation of the property has a concrete perimeter.
Crawlspace Crawlspace
FHA Approved FHAApproved
HUD Approved HUDApproved
None None There are no details about the foundation of the property.
Not Permanent NotPermanent
Other Other A foundation type not included in this list.
Permanent Permanent The foundation is permanent and not temporary or movable.
Pier Jacks PierJacks
Pillar/Post/Pier PillarPostPier The foundation of the property is made wholly or partially of pillar/post/pier.
Poured Poured
Quake Bracing QuakeBracing
Raised Raised The foundation of the property is raised.
Sealed Sealed
See Remarks SeeRemarks See the listing's remarks for details about the foundation.
Skirt Skirt
Slab Slab The foundation of the property is made wholly or partially of a concrete slab.
Stem Wall StemWall
Stone Stone The foundation of the property is made wholly or partially of stone.
Tie Down TieDown


Name Value Description
Bay/Harbor BayHarbor The property fronts to a bay or harbor.
Canal Canal
Conservation Conservation
Golf Course GolfCourse The property fronts to a golf course.
Lagoon/Estuary LagoonEstuary The property fronts to a lagoon or estuary.
Lakefront Lakefront The property is on a lakefront.
Marina Marina
Oceanfront Oceanfront The property is on an oceanfront.
Other Other The frontage of the property is something other than the options in this list.
Park/Greenbelt ParkGreenbelt
Preservation Preservation
River River The property is on a riverfront.
See Remarks SeeRemarks See the Public or Private Remarks for details on the frontage of the property.
Waterfront Waterfront The property is on a waterfront.


Name Value Description
Furnished Furnished The dwelling being leased is furnished.
Furnished Or Unfurnished FurnishedOrUnfurnished
Negotiable Negotiable The property may be furnished or left unfurnished at the lessor's request. Contact the listing agent/office to discuss options and cost differences.
Partially Partially The dwelling being leased is partially furnished.
Unfurnished Unfurnished The dwelling being leased is not furnished.