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ListingKey is the primary key and uniquely identifies records in the CustomProperty resource.

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The following fields are considered InKeyIndex fields and may be queried in batches up to 300,000 at a time: ListingId, ListingKey.


Field Type Size Description
AboveGradeFinishedAreaRange String 50
AboveGradeFinishedAreaRangeSource AreaSource Enum
AboveGradeFinishedAreaRangeUnits AreaUnits Enum
AboveGradeUnfinishedAreaRange String 50
AboveGradeUnfinishedAreaRangeSource AreaSource Enum
AboveGradeUnfinishedAreaRangeUnits AreaUnits Enum
AvailabilityType AvailabilityType Enum
BelowGradeFinishedAreaRange String 50
BelowGradeFinishedAreaRangeSource AreaSource Enum
BelowGradeFinishedAreaRangeUnits AreaUnits Enum
BelowGradeUnfinishedAreaRange String 50
BelowGradeUnfinishedAreaRangeSource AreaSource Enum
BelowGradeUnfinishedAreaRangeUnits AreaUnits Enum
BuildingAreaTotalRange String
BuildingAreaTotalRangeSource AreaSource Enum
BuildingAreaTotalRangeUnits AreaUnits Enum
ComplexName String 50
ConsumerRemarks String 1024
CustomFields String 2147483647
DevelopmentName String 50
GuestHouseAreaTotal Decimal 14.2
GuestHouseAreaTotalSource AreaSource Enum
GuestHouseAreaTotalUnits AreaUnits Enum
GuestHouseDescription String 1024
GuestHouseYN Boolean
GulfAccessType GulfAccessType Enum
GulfAccessYN Boolean
HumanModifiedYN Boolean
InternetEntireListingDisplayYN Boolean
LakeChainName String 150
LakeId String 255
LakeName String 150
LakeSize String 150
LandTenure LandTenure Enum
LastMonthRentReqYN Boolean
ListAgentKey String 255
ListOfficeKey String 255
ListOfficeMlsId String 25
ListingId InKey String 255
ListingKey Key InKey String 255
LivingAreaRange String 50
LivingAreaRangeSource AreaSource Enum
LivingAreaRangeUnits AreaSource Enum
Location String 1024
LotSizeRange String
LotSizeRangeSource LotSizeSource Enum
LotSizeRangeUnits LotSizeUnits Enum
Membership Membership Enum
MembershipFee Decimal 14.2
MembershipFeeFrequency FeeFrequency Enum
MembershipRequiredYN Boolean
MineralRights MineralRights Enum
ModificationTimestamp DateTimeOffset 27
MonthlyRate String 50
OffMarketDate Date 10
OffSeasonRate String 50
OriginatingSystemName String 255
OriginatingSystemSubName String 255
Permission Permission Enum
PermissionPrivate String 255
PotentialShortSale String 100
ProjectName String 255
Restrictions Restrictions Enum
RiverName String 150
SeasonRate String 50
SourceSupplementPublicCount Int32 2
StandardStatus StandardStatus Enum
TaxYearRange String
UnitLocation String 1024
WeeklyRate String 50


Name Target Description
Property Property